What is VPN connection? A Virtual Private Network is intended for private use. To log in, you need a user account with an appropriate provider

Once you have this, you can log in with your username and password.

  • What is VPN connection and what are the advantages? The advantage of this encrypted connection is that the data üs reach their destination via a tunnel. This means that no unauthorized third party can access it along the way. This means that both your activities on the Internet and your data are maximally secure.
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  • The providers all have one essential thing in common: they ensure your security and the protection of your data on the network. In addition, you can surf anonymously on the net and call up any web pages from anywhere in the world, regardless of possible geographical barriers.
  • Your connection will not slow down because of this, nothing is blocked and no one is tracking your movements on the web for a schnelles VPN @ Globalwatchonline.de

The advantages at a glance, are VPN’s worth it?

In addition to security, anonymity, and the removal of geographic blockages, a virtual private network brings other benefits:

    • Working in a home office: In this case, you have access to your company server. The best way to achieve this is via a secure Kodi VPN connection. Thus, your sensitive business data remain safe.
    • German TV abroad: You are traveling and still want to receive German TV? Here, too, you need a virtual private network. In other countries outside of Germany, you will often not be able to watch German channels. This is due to copyright reasons. To avoid being blocked, a VPN subscription can help. With it, you can easily watch not only German channels from anywhere, but also important sporting events, such as the Football World Cup, the Tour de France, or the Olympic Games. You simply log on to a server in the country from which you want to receive the channel. For example, on a German channel if you want to watch ZDF. So it looks like you are in Germany, and you receive the channel müheless – even from abroad
    • Bypass censors: If you live abroad, you do not have unrestricted access to all websites. In addition, countries like China block certain sites completely – such as Facebook or even porn and poker sites. However, these censorships can be circumvented – namely with a virtual private network such as IPVanish or ExpressVPN. So you can anonymously, safely and uncensored surf the Internet.

Formula 1 or Netflix from all at any time

Formula 1 or even Netflix, for example, likewise cannot be watched from überall over the world. I, for example, am a very big Formula 1 and Sebastian Vettel fan. But: Watching the races live is not that easy – because it is not possible from all countries. The same applies to Netflix. The Netflix offer in Germany doesn’t appeal to me that much because the selection is severely limited. I find Netflix USA much better. I don’t have access to that from Germany either. Except – and now comes the Lösung – with a VPN subscription.

Movies on Netflix

The film companies do not like this at all, of course, and they also defend themselves in part against it. What they can do in that case is not to make their films available on Netflix. But here, too, Netflix has found a clever solution: They simply produce films and series themselves. In addition, they release great documentaries.